Submissions will be due on September 17th, 2021. The conference submission site will open for submissions on June 15th:

Detailed submission instructions can be accessed through Ex Ordo and are summarized below.

General Guidelines:

You cannot submit a proposal for more than one substantive role (presenting on a panel or roundtable, or submitting an individual paper). This does not include chairs; you may serve as a panel or roundtable chair in addition to presenting elsewhere on the program.

You are, however, welcome to submit an abstract for one of our listed seminars AND for any of the substantive roles (individual paper, panel, or roundtable contribution). Graduate students and early career / junior faculty are permitted to submit abstracts to two seminars, although you will only be able to participate in one. You will be asked to rank your preferences after you have submitted your abstracts.

For Panels and Roundtables:

Each panel or roundtable will need to identify a chairperson. Each presenter, including the chair, will need to log in and enter their information individually, including contact information, a short bio, an abstract, and the paper or presentation title. IMPORTANT: all paper and presentation titles need to be prefixed with the chair’s last name (followed by a hyphen) so we can group them together for the purpose of review. For example, if Henry James is presenting a paper on a panel chaired by Charles Chesnutt, his paper title would read as follows:

Chesnutt-“The Art of Fiction.” The proper syntax for paper titles that are part of panels and roundtables is: Chair’s surname-“Paper Title”

Panel and roundtable chairs will be asked to submit a short abstract (300 word max) describing the subject of the session. Chairs will also need to fill out a brief information form listing the names of presenters in the order in which they should appear in the program. A link to this form will be sent to you by email after you have submitted your proposal.

If you are serving as a panel or roundtable chair and are also giving a paper on the panel you are chairing, you need only upload your own paper title and abstract in Step 2 and indicate that you are the panel chair; you will be asked for information regarding the panel itself after you have submitted your own abstract (Step 6).

If you are serving as a chair only, in Step 2 (when you are asked for title and abstract) please list the panel or roundtable title after your name in the box that asks for your paper title. The proper syntax for panel and roundtable titles is: Chair’s surname-Panel or Roundtable title. In Step 2, write “no abstract” where it asks for a paper abstract; you’ll have the opportunity to add the Panel Abstract in Step 6.

If you are serving as a respondent only, when you get to Step 2 please write “Respondent” in the box that asks for a paper title and “no abstract” in the box that asks for an abstract.

For additional step-by-step directions, for panels, roundtables, seminars, and individual papers, please log in to Ex Ordo.

As you prepare your proposal, we encourage you to keep in mind C19’s statement on diversity, inclusion, and anti-racist praxis.